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Cetera Investors

By affiliating as a branch office with Cetera Investors, SKAFCO can ensure we have the autonomy and discretion to put our clients at the center of all investment strategies and business decisions. Our office staff, backed by the team at the Cetera Investors home office, work together and want to help you pursue your financial goals.

Doing More for Clients, Community, Families and Futures
Cetera Investors is part of your community and is driven by their purpose to help all people, wherever they are on their journey to financial success. Success looks different for everyone, and the tools, products, and resources that Cetera Investors provides, can help you pursue your specific goals.

How We’re Connected
Here is some more information about the organizations we’ve chosen to partner with.

  • Our clients: our most important connection
    Our clients receive support from our local SKAFCO office team, branch manager and the Cetera Investors home office team. You’re never alone as a Cetera Investors client.
  • SKAFCO: branch office of Cetera Investors
    We are independent financial professionals working in a branch office of Cetera Investors. This provides us important amenities such as office and meeting space, and a team of professionals who help run our business.
  • Cetera Investors: marketing name for Cetera Investment Services LLC
  • Cetera Investment Services LLC, member FINRA/SIPC: broker-dealer and custodian
    Supervises and facilitates the trading that converts your cash into invested assets, and acts as the custodian for those assets.
  • Cetera Financial Group: parent company for Cetera Investors
    An industry-leading network of independently managed broker-dealer communities.

Cetera Investment Management

Insight, Foresight & Perspective
Cetera Investment Management delivers independent, objective research and guidance to assist your financial professional in designing the investment strategy that's right for you. This wealth of knowledge is designed to help make sense out of the complex, often-changing economic landscape. Together with your financial professional, they’re your partner for maintaining a forward-looking focus on market trends and performance, and creating solutions designed to help you capitalize on that perspective – so you can feel more confident in your path to your investment goals.

Helpful Tools
Cetera Investment Management offers commentaries; weekly, monthly, and quarterly market recaps; and market outlooks to help you uncover current economic themes.

Cetera Investment Management LLC is an SEC registered investment adviser owned by Cetera Financial Group. Cetera Investment Management provides market perspectives, portfolio guidance, model management, and other investment advice to its affiliated broker-dealers, dually registered broker-dealers, and registered investment advisers.