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Making a Difference - Charitable Gift Planning

Charitable giving is a wonderful way to help an organization you are passionate about, while achieving the many benefits it can bring, including personal satisfaction. There are countless opportunities available, and billions of dollars are contributed each year by foundations, corporations and individuals like you. Planned giving today could mean lifetime gifts, transfers by wills and many other vehicles tailored to address a variety of situations for people at all levels of giving ability.

Leaving a legacy through charitable contributions – making the most for the organization, yourself, and your heirs – is an achievable goal. We can help you address your goals by considering these five questions. 

  1. Who will be personally impacted?
  2. Who can receive charitable gifts?
  3. What are the “me” benefits of giving?
  4. What vehicles can be used?
  5. What advanced strategies can you use? 

The opportunities to create a legacy are available. It's up to you, the donor, to use them to your greatest advantage. Contact us today to get started.